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Young Wrestlers

Tight White Singlets by bulge_guy

Micah Andrews

23 year old Micah Andrews comes to us from Denver Colorado. Micah is a stripper at BoyzTown, a local Gay club in Denver. He's bisexual and he and his girlfriend just had a baby together. When Micah is in a relationship with a guy, he prefers to bottom, but has topped. Micah is here to show off for you, as well as make some extra money. He leans back in the chair, unbuttons his shirt. With his jeans undone, he reaches in and begins fluffing his goods. Losing his blue jeans, Micah bends over the arm of the chair and strokes and tugs his package, while massaging and fingering his hole. He stands up, taking hold of his cock and strokes fast and firmly as he watches a porno on the laptop. Leaning back in the chair again, he strokes and squeezes his balls, while finger fucking his hole again. As Micah nears his peak, he speeds up his handjob, bringing things to a close, letting loose with a squirting load across his abs.

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2 Tight Singlets: 2nd clip by bulge_guy

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Touch of Twink


Boy Wonder by bulge_guy

Alex Boys

Smooth and skinny 18+ Gay Teen Boys

Wrestlers in Blue

Wrestlers In Blue by bulge_guy